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Discipline Learning Packets for grades two through twelve


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Great anti-bullying packets for grades two through twelve


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Phyisical Education Packets for grades six through twelve

Physical Educaiton

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Motivation Packets for grades six through twelve


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"We've got to dispel the myth that bullying is just a normal rite of passage, or an inevitable part of growing up. It's not."

- President Barack Obama

An Idea Box - and it's never empty

As educators, we spend a lot of time looking for "ideas." Sometimes it's for a plan B for third period PE class. Other times it's for a new way to teach Beowulf or the Declaration of Independence or the Primary Colors. Often, we don't have the time to wade through another text book or attend another conference.

There's a solution. It's an idea box that's never empty and only a mouse click away. It's simple to use. It's short and sweet. And it's free. You define what type of content is in the box. You decide if it's worth skimming, reading carefully or using. The box is yours. What you do with it and how you use it is up to you.

The box is called Twitter. But don't let that dissuade you. It's easy to use and you never have to put anything in the box unless you want to. Peek in it whenever you want. Take from it whatever you want. Once again, it's free.

Want to learn more? Visit our Introduction to the Idea Box page. You can view a four minute video that opens the box for you. Enjoy.

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The Advantage Press

The Advantage Press is a publisher of innovative behavior improvement products to help school administrators and law enforcement authorities tackle difficult problems.

We also have programs for Physical Education teachers, High School Cooperative Education teachers, Middle and High School Health teachers and more.

Our signature "Discipline Learning Packets" are available for students in grades two through twelve. Special purpose packets have been designed for special education students and for dealing with school bullies.

New Tips & Suggestions: Thanks to the continued input from many of our schools we've compiled tips and suggestions for using the packets.

The Advantage Press became incorporated in 1986. We are a group of active and retired educators (teachers and administrators) with experience at all grade levels and in all types of communities. Groups of students are used in real school settings to test our material before we put it on the market. We use English teachers to edit our packets and computer teachers to provide the conversions to file formats for various computers and word processors.

Do our packets work?
Look at the results of surveys we sent to schools using our Learning Packets: Survey Page
Look at what educators are saying about the Learning Packets: Feedback Page

As of January 1, 2014 over 200,000 of our products had been sold to schools in the United States and Canada.

Free Samples

Our Free Samples Page provides a variety of free samples for you to examine.

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