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Physical Education with Core Curriculum

Student Behavior Modification
and Physical Education Programs
from Advantage Press

Discipline, Motivation, Character Education Programs for grades 2 thru 12
Advantage Press Behavior Improvement Programs are designed to provide reflective activities for students who have violated a school or classroom rule. Lessons allow opportunities for students to refocus problem behavior and learn appropriate ways of behaving.   ***NOW AVAILABLE: 2015-16 Elementary Editions***

Advantage Press Behavior Improvement Programs:

  • Help students understand why they misbehave and how they can change
  • Provide a meaningful consequence for misbehavior
  • Show students the importance of following school rules
  • Heighten awareness for the implications of our own actions and the need to be accountable
  • Lead students to realize, through goal setting, that they are responsible for changing their behavior
  • Provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their obligation to self and others
  • Establish a connection between effort and behavioral change

Physical Education Programs for grades 6 thru 12
Advantage Press Physical Education packets are ready to use curriculum supplements that focus on a particular sports or physical activity. Lessons promote reading and writing and provide the means to assess student learning and justify grades. Packets reflect many Common Core components.

  • Learning activities for students who do not, or cannot, meet physical education requirements
  • Introduce a sport or activity to the entire class
  • Assign as homework or extra credit
  • Lessons discourage excuses for not participating…“forgetting” to bring gym clothes or not wearing proper athletic attire
  • Motivate students to learn more about a sport or activity
  • Elevate interest in physical education
  • Provide instant lesson plans for substitute teachers